The Graduate Program in Health Administration and Policy (GPHAP) of The University of Chicago is one of the most unique health administration programs in the United States. GPHAP trains students to be leaders in a rapidly transforming health care field, which demands interdisciplinary thinkers who work effectively in diverse teams to create models that operate across medicine, social services, community, private markets, and government programs and regulatory policy.
4 Elbows was brought on to develop the brand of GPHAP, as a distinct program that is a part of the larger the University of Chicago branding ecosystem. This logo utilizes the name of the program as the icon. The GPHAP letters are linked with a connecting wave-graphic that is often seen in scientific endeavors. The logo represents the five schools coming together with their unique thoughts, connectivity, and community, with one curve for every school. The wave represents collaboration, teamwork, and interdisciplinary studies.



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