Case Study: Social Media & Brand Recognition

mama-mancinisIn September 2013, 4 Elbows was retained to handle social media for MamaMancini’s. This company sells meatballs and sauce to grocery stores nationwide. While their distribution in-store was growing, a very small cross section of consumers knew of the brand or recognized the name. The company had a Facebook page but with little activity.

When 4 Elbows took over the account there were 896 fans. In just five months, the company Facebook page is just shy of 50,000 fans. This alone is impressive. But the MOST important thing about social media is the engagement with your audience. Figuring out the customer demographic, what content our fans are interested in, how often and what time during the day our campaign, which is managed daily, has targeted the MamaMancini’s consumer at the most core level.

We’re keeping them interested and coming back for more. On average, posts are receiving  200+ likes, 50+ comments, dozens of shares. Through analytics, we can qualify the leads that are coming in from Facebook to the MamaMancini website’s store locator and contact form. In addition, for search engine optimization purposes, we also manage the company’s Pinterest account and blog.

If your company is interested in discussing how social media can assist your brand recognition contact me here.